How to Create an Aqua Aerobic Fitness Workout Plan

Change up your fitness workout plan by adding some aqua aerobics! You will find it to be a challenging total body workout that isn’t just for people recovering from injury. Swimming and water resistance workouts create long, lean muscles and sleek bodies from head to toe, so you feel comfortable in the very bikini that you’re wearing in the pool.

Variety Will Stave off Boredom

Just as jumping on different cardio machines at the gym can keep you feeling fresh, different water workouts in your fitness plan will keep burnout at bay. The other plus is that you’ll be focusing more on different muscle groups, keeping your body guessing, and therefore, the fat burning! Plan on intervals of different exercises or on swims one day and traditional aerobics the next.

Put the Plan in Place

Always start with your warmup. A few slow laps across the pool, either swimming or walking, will get your blood pumping and your muscles working. Be sure to warm up for five minutes before beginning the more rigorous workout.


Complete this portion or interval in an area of the pool where the water is up to about shoulder height. Using the water as resistance, run the length of the pool, repeating for two minutes. Pump your arms at your sides to work your shoulders and back.


Stand in the pool and perform front and back kicks, as you would if you were kicking down a door. Bend your knee up, then push the foot out in front of you. Push kick on each leg in the front, then push kick to the back. Complete the kicks for one minute. Once your legs are fatigued from these kicks, grab a kickboard or noodle and hold on, to isolate the legs and keep you afloat. Slowly practice vertical scissor kicks, opening legs much wider than you would if you were kicking to swim. These scissors should be like an exaggerated swim kick. Keep toes pointed so your muscles are doing the work, rather than the joints. Complete those for one minute, then switch your scissor kicks to an open-close motion.


Focus on your arms by getting the legs out of the picture. Hold a kickboard or noodle between your feet to keep your legs up. Laying forward, open your arms in a large clapping motion, pushing them to the open and closed position as quickly as you can. For an added challenge, sit up, keeping the floatie under you. This will force you to engage your abdominals and get a great core workout. Once you have practiced enough that you can stay afloat, twist as you open your arms for an even harder workout that gets your obliques in on the action as well.

These aerobic additions will change up your normal cardio routine, and may even get you enjoying some great summer weather outside. If you stick to the pool in the gym, just the change of pace will be super motivating as well!


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