How to Create a Zumba Dance Fitness Workout Plan

If you find yourself becoming bored with a standard workouts, like using machines at the gym and taking basic aerobic classes, you should consider creating a Zumba Dance fitness workout plan. There’s a reason Zumba is the latest fitness craze: not only is it fun, it’s also a workout that is accessible to individuals of all fitness levels and abilities. There are a couple of easy ways to incorporate Zumba into your fitness routine. You can either take classes at a gym or try Zumba at home using workout DVD’s. There are advantages to both–it’s really up to you and your personal preference. Read on for more information.

Join in the Party by Taking Classes

Zumba is a work out party. It combines latin-inspired dance moves with cardio and resistance training for a complete workout experience. Not only that, classes are taught to fun and energetic music. And when it comes to parties, the more, the merrier. That’s why taking a group class at a local gym is a good place to start as you’re creating your Zumba fitness plan–especially when you’re brand new to Zumba workouts.

Don’t be intimidated. Zumba classes are fun and welcoming. Since Zumba is an exercise form that is designed for all skill levels, inexperience isn’t a problem. Keep an open mind and you’ll have fun and work up a sweat. You’ll find that working out in a group setting is a great way to stay motivated. Plus, your instructor will change up the routine week to week, so you’ll constantly be trying new moves.

Zumba has become a craze over the past couple of years, and there is no shortage of classes. If you’re looking for a class near you, check out Zumba’s official website ( There’s a helpful section where you can search for classes by zip code.

Try Zumba at Home

Taking a class is generally the best place to start, but you can certainly try Zumba at home. You can purchase an official Zumba fitness workout DVD set through the company’s website ( The set comes with six different DVD workouts, so you can vary what you do at home day to day.

To help you stay motivated in your Zumba fitness plan, invite some friends over to do the workout with you. It’s easier to motivate yourself if other people are holding you accountable. Plus, working out with friends is generally more fun that working out alone!

Put Your Plan Together

Some people prefer to work out at home, others prefer the gym. When it comes to your Zumba workout plan, you’ll probably want to do a little of both. If you have the DVD set, then you’ll have a back up plan when you cannot make it to the gym.

Aim to do a Zumba workout at least two times a week and another form of cardio on at least one other day. For the best results, also do some strength training two days a week.

As with anything in life, variety makes things fun. Keep yourself from getting bored with your new workout plan by trying different classes with different instructors and changing up your work out.


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