How to Create a Swimming Fitness Workout Plan

As part of a fitness workout plan, swimming can be highly beneficial. It is one of the safest, yet most effective forms of exercise there are. It’s extremely low-impact, can be enjoyed all year round, and comes with its own built-in cooling system.

Swimming can provide everything your body needs to increase aerobic fitness and muscle strength. Creating a routine that focuses on swimming can be done by following simple guidelines.

Determine Your Current Fitness Level

The good news is that when you’re talking about swimming for exercise, there doesn’t have to be much worry about impact on joints and muscles, even if you haven’t exercised in quite a while. That being said, you should still see your doctor for a physical before starting a swimming program. This is especially important if you have any medical conditions that can be affected by exercise, such as asthma or a heart condition. Once again, common sense. Most doctors wholeheartedly support swimming as a form of exercise, because it’s effective without being hard on the body.

Develop Your Aerobic Plan

After you’ve determined your level of fitness, it’s time to develop your aerobic swimming fitness workout plan. Improving your aerobic fitness can help you in so many ways. You can experience a significant boost in your overall energy, you’ll sleep better at night, you’ll strengthen your immune system and you’ll even improve your mental state. Swimming for aerobic fitness is best done by doing laps. Your goal is to start out at a comfortable pace, swimming laps for a length of time that you feel is right for your fitness level. Over time, keep increasing the pace at which you do laps, and the amount of laps you do.

Develop Your Strength Training Routine

Simply swimming laps on a regular basis over time will help increase your strength, but there is more you can do in the water that can specifically build muscle. Water is wonderful for providing resistance, which is what muscles need to grow. Equipment is available specifically for water strength training, such as floating tubes for holding onto while doing leg lifts, and floating barbells that provide resistance when pushed under the water.

Balance Your Fitness Routine

The key to having a swimming fitness workout plan that gives you optimum results is to balance it properly. Create a specific schedule for when you do laps and when you do your resistance training. Break the resistance training into a sub-schedule that details when you will work on what muscles. Modify your entire schedule on a weekly to monthly basis as your fitness level increases. Include warm-up and cool-down time in every routine.

Many people, once they start swimming laps and doing water exercises for strength training, become hooked for life. Some people are lucky enough to have their own pools, but those who don’t can almost always find a community pool nearby. Many community recreation centers with pools also offer water aerobics and strength training classes. The results of a well-developed swimming fitness workout plan can be well worth your time and effort.


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