How to Create a Serene Home Pilates Studio

home pilates studio isn’t hard to create, you just need enough space to move freely in all directions. Of course, the more space you have available for your home pilates studio, the more peaceful and serene the studio will be. Here’s how you can create a great pilates studio in your own home.

1. Become Comfortable with Your Pilates Practice

Before you can begin practicing pilates at home, you should be comfortable with your pilates practice. Attend a few pilates classes before attempting to do pilates at home. Remember, books and DVDs are useful aids to practice, but they’re no substitute to having a real person show you the moves. If you aren’t exactly sure what you’re doing, you could hurt yourself, so play it safe and practice pilates in a group environment three or four times before you try to practice on your own.

2. Find an Appealing Area

You’ll need to section off an area of your home that is quiet and receives little traffic. The ambiance of your pilates home studio should help motivate you to perform pilates regularly, so choose a room or location that makes you feel peaceful and motivated.

If possible, choose a room with hard floors or a rug that won’t slip. You don’t want to slide around during your pilates practice; you could hurt yourself.

3. Invest in Pilates Equipment

Once you’ve decided on a room or area at home that is to be your pilates studio, you’ll need to fill it with the equipment you’re going to use. You needn’t spend a lot of money on elaborate pilates workout machines, especially if you’re new to pilates. If, at some point in the future, you decide you really like pilates and would like to take advantage of some of the elaborate pilates workout machines on the market, you can go ahead and make that investment. But, to begin, you’ll just need some basic equipment.

Furnish your home pilates studio with these things to start:

  • A pilates mat
  • A fitness ball
  • Instructional DVDs to help you organize your practices and remember your workouts

4. Make Your Pilates Studio Comfortable

In order to feel motivated to practice pilates at home, you’ll need to make your home studio comfortable. Don’t allow any telephones or other distractions in your home studio area. Keep your home studio clean, neat and free of clutter; you can buy a small cupboard to store your pilates equipment.

If you use DVDs to practice pilates in your home studio, position your mat so that you can see the screen. Adjust the lighting so that it’s mellow and soft, rather than harsh; if possible, use as much natural lighting as possible, light candles, or use Christmas tree lights to create a soft glow in the room.

If you have a window, open or crack it to give yourself some fresh air. But, keep the room warm; you don’t want to practice pilates in a cold room, as this makes it harder to warm up your muscles and and keep them warm.


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