How to Create a Belly Dance Fitness Workout Plan

A great and fun workout is belly dancing. In order to do this well, you will need to create a belly dance fitness workout plan. Belly dancing works your thighs, gluteus, calves, arms, and can take quite a bit of energy. In the dance, your knees are bent and you’re gracefully moving up and down. This works your thighs and calves. Your arms are raised and seductively glide around. This is going to be a lot of shoulder work. Thus, in order to make an efficient work out plan, you should include yoga, and cardio work, in addition to your dancing.


The key to belly dancing is flexibility and moving gracefully. For this reason, yoga can be very useful. This is an opportunity to practice slowly moving your different muscles and stretching in the necessary places. On a mat, try laying on your knees and forearms. Slowly raise one leg at a time to the side and then extend your foot out. Slowly bring your foot back in and then bring your knee back to the resting position. Alternate your legs and make sure you feel it in your gluteus and hamstrings. In this same position, try slowly rolling your back. This should work your lower and help increase your flexibility.


Dancing is cardio! Thus in order to help your belly dancing, try running laps or sprints. Any work like this is going to help increase the stamina of your thighs, calves and gluteus. If running is not for you, try jumping rope. This grade school game is actually fantastic at working the necessary muscles and gets your heart rate moving like you wouldn’t believe.


When thinking of belly dancing, many people imagine it is just shaking your booty from side to side as fast as possible. This is not the case. Belly dancing involves the whole body. The movement and rotation comes from the hips and moves up through the stomach, through the chest, and is released through the arms. In a similar way, the hip movement moves down the thighs, through the calves, and out the legs. In order to have the proper position, have your legs shoulder length apart, knees bent, stomach in, chest out, and shoulders back. When you “snap” your hips from side to side, you are doing this by squeezing one gluteus at a time. Isolate the hips and do this back and forth continuously as a fantastic way to tone your butt.

Get Moving

Belly dancing is a fun and sexy way to work out. Have fun with it. Put on some Arabian music, move to it, and don’t stop! Remember this isn’t a performance; it’s a work out. So keep sweating! If it encourages you, buy yourself a gold beaded belly dancer’s skirt to put over your work out clothes and hear that thing rattle. This is another type of work out that can be very fun when doing with friends. Make a party out of it. This will encourage everyone to keep working and will make you more likely to keep at it.


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