How to Choose the Right Dumbbells for Your Workout

A great workout can help you obtain a healthier body, however before you begin this process you must know how to choose the right dumbbells for your workout. One of the great things about dumbbells is that they come in various sizes and types. The correct dumbbells can be essential workout tools. They can affect how you feel about exercising and even motivate you to exercise. Choosing the correct dumbbells is the beginning of creating a successful exercise routine. Dumbbells could ultimately save you a significant amount of time and money.

Dumbbell Types

The old, traditional dumbbells of yesteryear have greatly improved. Manufactures have created dumbbells in a variety of colors and styles which can add a little life to your workout. In addition to a number of colors, consumers can choose from fixed-weight dumbbells and variable-style dumbbells. Fixed-weight dumbbells are sometimes shaped like an octagon or a hexagon. These dumbbells usually have a vinyl or rubber covering. The variable-style dumbbells have a clamp or clamp equivalent that is placed on after the weights so they will not fall off the bar. The bar can usually hold up to 50 pounds worth of weights. Aqua dumbbells are also available to assist you with your workout. When you are ready to workout simply remove these collapsible dumbbells from your bag and fill them with water. Some aqua dumbbells, when filled completely, will give you up to sixteen pounds of resistance per dumbbell.

Workout Levels

Make sure that you are aware of what type of exercise you will be doing with these dumbbells. Ask yourself how long you will actually be working out with the dumbbells. Answer yourself realistically. Basically, know what type of workout person you are. Don’t think as a beginner, if you are going to act like an expert.

Fixed-weight dumbbells are usually designed for those who wish to tone the body. They can be ideal for you if you just want to lose a small amount of weight. Variable-style dumbbells may be perfect if you are willing to commit to working out extensively. These dumbbells are a great option if you continue to work out with weights even after you have hit your goal weight–you will need to increase the amount of weight you lift as your body gets healthier and stronger. Aqua dumbbells are quite unique because they offer even more convenience. These can easily be added to your carrying bag when they are not filled with water. If you are planning a vacation or can’t seem to get out of the office and workouts are a priority then you may want to consider aqua dumbbells. Fill them with water and start your workout.

Ready to Buy

Committing to purchasing any product should be a carefully thought out process. Just keep in mind what type of workout person you are. Remember that the small investment must be equal to or greater than the time you will spend using the dumbbells. Most importantly make sure you are comfortable with your dumbbells so you can be comfortable working out.


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