How to Budget for Transition Clothes

One thing that dieters sometimes forget is how to budget for transition clothes–the clothes that you’ll wear as you lose weight. It’s important to make sure that you think of this expense and make room for it as a necessity when making out your monthly budget. Few things are as embarrassing as having to keep pulling up loose pants or wearing jeans that are so tight that they push extra fat over your pants once they’ve been zipped up. Avoid these situations by allowing yourself to buy transition clothes that fit well and allow for some gain or loss.

Finding Cheaper Clothes

One way to make sure that you can afford transition clothes is to keep the costs low. Look at second hand stores for transition clothes; the Salvation Army and Goodwill stores in your area can be the best place to go for nice transition clothes for pennies on the dollar. Also, surf websites like eBay and Craigslist for clothes that are posted at a low price. You never know what you might find. On Craigslist, you may be able to find transition clothes for free, as there is a special section for people to post things they’d like to give away. And, as we all know, free is the best possible price.

Discount Stores

Since some people just don’t like secondhand clothes, consider bargain stores with low-priced clothing options for your transition clothes– such as Target and K-Mart. You can also consider purchasing pants with elastic bands. They’ll have a longer “transition” life, and they are incredibly comfortable. Look for the sale racks; there are always clothes on sale of most sizes.

Making Room in the Budget

Add in a modest amount of money for transition clothes every month under your “necessities” columns. You may even add it to the cost of the diet, along with the food and gym expenses. It is just as important to your well-being and helping to keep you motivated on your diet. If you do not allow for the transition clothes in your budget, the desire to wear clothes that fit can easily be a big excuse to go for that piece of cake when temptation arrives. Make your weight loss plan as easy as possible, including giving yourself great transition fashions.

What to Do with Transition Clothes

When you lose too much weight to fit comfortably in your current transition clothes, you’ll need to get more. So that you have funds for new transition clothes, you may want to try selling your old ones on eBay. Keep in mind that setting a low primary bid encourages later bidders, but don’t go lower in price than you can afford. If you have budgeted for transition clothes along the way, consider giving away the clothes for free or donating them back to Goodwill. People in your very situation just may very well appreciate them as transition clothes of their own.


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