How to Boost Stamina and Energy with Fitness Music

Fitness music is a great addition to your workout because it boosts your stamina and increases your energy level. Everyone has their taste in music, but even within your own musical genre of preference, you can very likely find suitable pieces that motivate and energize you while you exercise.

The Physical Impact of Music

Studies show that the strength of your muscles can be impacted by the type of music that you listen to while exercising. Slower tempo music with simpler rhythms has been shown to have a calming effect. On the other hand, music that is more stimulating with complicated rhythms and a faster tempo results in more muscle tension and increases your ability to demonstrate more strength.

Music has also been shown to have an impact on the heart rate. One study found that when jazz music was played, participants’ heart rates increased and when the music stopped, their heart rates returned to the levels before the music was played.

Music for Each Stage of Your Workout

The implications of these findings are very useful for planning your daily workout sessions. Every workout session needs a warm up, where you gradually increase your heart rate, warm your muscles and stretch to prevent injury. During warm ups, playing music that gradually builds in tempo and intensity is helpful for slowly raising your heart rate and getting your muscles ready to go to work.

During the middle section of your workout, you will want greater aerobic activity and increased muscular strength. For this section, choosing fitness music with a fast tempo and complicated rhythms will help to motivate you and push you through the more challenging aspects of your workout. You will find that choosing music that you enjoy will motivate and energize you, pushing you to complete the more difficult portions of your workout activity.

For the cool down section of your workout, choose music that is slower in tempo and allows your heart rate to respond by slowing down gradually. You want to avoid finishing your workout to high tempo music with fast and complicated rhythms. For the cool down, it is important for the muscles to unwind and carry less tension. Choose music that is calmer and which makes you feel more relaxed.

Music as an Energizing Tool

Many people find when they exercise to music that the time goes by much faster. Choosing your favorite pieces of music will increase your enjoyment and encourage you to complete your workout. On days when you’re feeling low energy and the thought of exercising does not appeal to you, just playing your favorite music can have a motivating effect. You may find that music lifts your mood and encourages you to go through with your workout after all.

Fitness music is an energizing tool for your daily workout. If you choose music with tempo and mood that matches the various stages of your workout, you will benefit from increased stamina through the hardest part of the workout and feel rejuvenated and relaxed when you’re done.


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