How to Avoid Weight Gain from Genetics

Genetics is one of the factors that can affect your weight. Genes can influence your metabolic rate, caloric requirement, fat storage and fat distribution. If most women in your family are overweight then it’s safe to assume that your genetics make you more prone to weight gain. However, just because you have the genes to become overweight does not necessarily mean that you will be. Here are some ways that can help you avoid weight gain from genetics.

Do Not Let Genetics Dictate Your Weight

If you want to avoid hereditary weight gain, the first thing you need to do is understand that you’re still responsible for your weight. If you believe that genetics have the most power over your weight, then you will also believe that you will gain weight no matter what you do. These thoughts can certainly be frustrating and can lead you to lose motivation to eat well and exercise. As a result, you will gain weight. However, this weight gain will be due to your lifestyle choices and not your genetics. As early as possible, it’s important for you to understand that your behavioral and lifestyle choices can influence your weight more than your genetics can.

Increase Your Physical Activity

Physical activity is another factor that can help you avoid weight gain from genetics. Because you have the genes that increase your chances of becoming overweight, you might have to work harder than others in order to maintain a slim figure. Working out at the gym, running and kickboxing are all examples of intense workouts that you should do several times a week. These activities will help you burn calories and tone your body. If you suffer from chronic pain or are unable to tolerate high-intensity workouts, try low-impact exercises like walking or swimming. If you don’t have a lot of time to devote to exercise, you can also incorporate physical activity into your life. If you live near your office, walk to work instead of commuting or driving. If you have a sedentary job that requires you to sit in front of the computer for eight hours every day, learn some desk exercises that you can do. These simple choices can help you battle weight gain in the long run.

Keep Your Diet Healthy

One of the most frustrating things about having the genetic propensity to gain weight is watching other people gobble down fattening junk food without gaining a pound. An excess intake of processed foods like fast foods, packaged snacks and sugary treats are never good for anyone, whether they have the overweight gene or not. Some people simply pay for their bad eating habits in other ways, like developing diabetes or experiencing daily fatigue. Start gradually eliminating fattening foods from your diet and replace them with healthier ones. For instance, if you tend to eat at fast foods during your lunch break, make the effort to pack a healthy lunch like a grilled chicken sandwich and fresh salad.


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