How to Avoid Antibiotics in Foods

Antibiotics are an important part of medicine and can help you to fight a variety of conditions. However, most women do not wish to eat foods that have been laced with antibiotics. Antibiotics in foods are not typically those that are given to humans for medicinal purposes; rather, they are vestiges of the medicines used to keep animals healthy as they are raised for the purposes of food.

Avoiding antibiotics in your food requires two different elements of concentration and effort. The first is that you must pay careful attention to the particular brand of food that you purchase. The second, which may or may not be within your control, is that you have to be willing to spend a bit more on food than you otherwise would. Antibiotic-free foods are often also organic and free-range, and there are usually premium prices to go along with those benefits. However, with some careful attention and a bit of searching, you may still be able to find a good deal on food that contains no antibiotics.

Checking Labels

The best way to ensure that your food is free of antibiotics and any other potentially harmful chemicals is to look for labels that you trust. Generally speaking, foods that may have antibiotics in them are meat products, poultry, fish and game. If you are choosing between different alternatives in one of these categories, look to the labels for some indication. Those that are free of antibiotics will typically advertise that fact; those that may have antibiotics will usually not mention anything at all. It’s a good idea to assume that foods that do not mention the antibiotic status on the label do, in fact, contain some antibiotics.

Manufacturer Websites

Another good way to learn about the food products that you eat is to investigate the manufacturer or the producer websites. Because a good percentage of antibiotics-free meat products come from small arms that are local throughout different parts of the United States, you can often find a personalized and convenient website by searching for those manufacturers and farms online. Many farms will share their personal and company philosophy through these websites, and you can ensure that the food that you buy is free of antibiotics, hormones and any other chemicals that you’re looking to avoid.

It’s important to remember that a certain amount of antibiotics is not necessarily a bad thing for you to ingest. In fact, miniscule amounts of these medicines may be helpful to you. However, keep in mind where the food that you’re eating originally came from so that you are aware of how much of this material you’re putting into your system. Where antibiotic-free food is unavailable, balance out your meal with healthy portions of alternative food options instead. For more information, talk with your local grocer about which brands and foods in your area are free of antibiotics.


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