How to Apply Makeup for Anti-Aging Effects

If you want to look younger you may be surprised that sometimes all it takes is applying makeup in the right way to create an anti-aging effect.

Applying Makeup for a Younger Look

The trick to putting on makeup in a way that makes you appear more youthful is to apply it flawlessly. The more practice that you get, the easier it will become in the future. Listed below are some techniques that will help you cover up the years with makeup.

  • Keep your makeup light. The heavier that your makeup is, the older that you will look. This is because heavy makeup tends to sink into the lines of your face and appear as though it is caked on.
  • Foundation and powder that is too pale will add years to your face. By using the right shade of foundation for your skin you will avoid skin imperfections standing out.
  • By using bronzer you will appear to be healthy, tanned and younger. Not to mention bronzer helps cover up fine lines.
  • If you are wearing heavy eye makeup it is important to keep the lips light and vice versa. By having both heavy eye and lip makeup you will look like you are wearing too much makeup.

Makeup Mistakes That Will Age You

By wearing certain types of makeup and colors you can appear to look older than you actually are. Listed below are a few makeup mistakes to avoid if you are trying to look younger.

  • Using foundations that are in a powder form. Ideally you should use liquid or cream foundations and a good concealer. Powdered foundations tend to settle in the lines of your face. Cream foundations, on the other hand, make your skin appear more plump.
  • Red lipstick mishaps. Unfortunately many women don’t wear the right shade of red lipstick and this makes them appear much older than they are. Red lips should be approached with care. If you do decide to wear bright red lipstick don’t let your lips clash with your eye makeup.
  • If you are fond of eye makeup it is important to note that heavy eye makeup has an aging affect on women. You can avoid this by not using too much eyeshadow. Also it is important that you do not apply the shadow all the way up to your eyebrow.
  • While bronzer may be great at hiding the flaws on your face, shimmer face powder does quite the opposite. If you feel as though you need to wear shimmer powder, be very careful with it and do not apply too much. Shimmer dust will accentuate every line and pore on your face.

When it comes to applying makeup for an anti-aging affect the best look to go for is simply a fresh, dewy finish. This can be achieved by using all the techniques listed above and creating a light and flirty look.






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