How to Adjust Your Diet to a Smaller Serving Size

Adjusting your diet to a smaller serving size is an essential element to any weight loss regimen. By doing so, you will be able to cut your daily calorie, fat, carbohydrate and sugar intake drastically. People tend to fill their large plates with huge serving sizes of each food item.  Also, some food items, such as nuts, are good for you but their serving size is small. Eating too many will certainly raise your daily caloric intake.

Adjusting your diet to a smaller serving size may not be easy right away. You may miss the bigger servings at first. However, below are a few tips to use in order to make the switch easier.

Eat Fiber

Eating foods that are high in fiber will fill you up quicker. Therefore, you will be able to eat smaller serving sizes but still feel just as full. Foods such as whole wheat bread, apples, green vegetables and brown rice are some good options to try.

Do It Gradually

Try adjusting your serving sizes down gradually. First, keep your meat servings the same, but have smaller servings of side items, such as potatoes and rice. You can also try replacing these high-carbohydrate side items with some steamed vegetables. Even if you only make these changes at one meal per day, the change will still be beneficial. Dinner is the best meal to try doing this, since you have less time to burn the calories before bedtime.

The Fist Rule

One way to ensure that you are eating the proper serving sizes, without weighing and measuring, is to use the “fist rule.” This rule simply means that each serving of each item on your plate should be no larger than your closed fist. This rule is easy to follow and works well for both men and women.

Lots of Water

Drinking a full glass of water before each meal will help you feel fuller. Therefore, you will be more likely to eat smaller serving sizes because you will not feel as hungry.

Take It Home

Many restaurants serve large dishes that are sometimes enough to feed two people. Studies have shown that this is one contribution to the overweight population in the United States. Therefore, it’s a good idea to simply eat only half of the dish that you ordered and take the remainder home to enjoy the next day. This will lower the amount of calories and fat you consume at that meal.

Eat More, Smaller Meals

Studies have shown that people who eat several small meals, instead of only a few large ones throughout the day, are more successful in their weight loss efforts. This is because your body is constantly working to process the food, which raises your metabolism. This method also keeps you from being hungry in between meals and snacking on sugary foods.


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