How to Add Variety to Your Aerobics Routine

Aerobics are a type of exercise that are usually used in order to achieve weight loss. While aerobic exercise can be highly effective, it can also be monotonous, especially after weeks or even months of doing the same aerobic routine. In order to add variety to your aerobic routine, be sure to start by determining your aerobic fitness goals, learning about new types of aerobic activity, and creating an aerobic activity schedule.

Determine Your Aerobic Fitness Goals

When adding variety to your current aerobics routine, it is important to first determine your aerobic fitness goals. This will help you to determine what types of aerobic activity is best for you. For example, if you have a goal of training for a marathon, you will want to spend most of your time participating in aerobic activity that focuses on endurance training. If, in contrast, you are more focused on weight loss, you should choose a wide variety of different types of aerobic activities in order to ensure optimal weight loss results. In addition, at this time it is important to rate and understand your current fitness level. This will help to determine which classes are right for you, and which are too difficult. You can receive a fitness assessment from most gyms. Make sure to get a complete report on the status of your aerobic capacity in order to achieve optimal results.

Learn About New Types of Aerobic Activities

Next, learn about new types of aerobic activities. Traditionally, aerobic activity consists of activities such as walking, biking, and swimming. However, there are a number of different types of activities which are aerobic in nature and can be highly effective at helping you to achieve your goals. Talk to friends, family members, and gym employees. Ask these people if they have heard of any great aerobic classes that they would recommend. Make sure that these individuals are aware of your current activity level and fitness goals in order to find the classes that are best for you. Once you find a few classes that seem promising, spend some time investigating them. Visit the classes, and try to get a feel for their basic structure. Be sure to talk with the instructor after class if you have additional questions.

Create an Aerobic Activity Schedule

Once you have set a goal for yourself, and have learned about some new types of aerobic activity, you can begin to create an aerobic activity schedule. This is a schedule that specifies what type of aerobic activity you will do on each specific day. Having a set schedule will not only help you to stick to your program, but will also be effective in helping to achieve your long term goals. Research has found that varying your aerobic routine on a regular basis has been found to be highly effective in achieving weight loss.


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