How the Sage Leaf Can Help Your Diet

Sage is a herb often used as a savory flavoring, particularly for sausage, pork or in Italian cuisine. However, sage leaf has been used as a medicinal herb for thousands of years and has many healing properties, including some that may help you with dieting. Sage should not be taken medicinally by pregnant women, as it can bring on contractions, or by breastfeeding women, as it is often used to help dry up milk. It may also react with certain anti-depressants, so ask a health professional if you are taking these before using sage medicinally.

Sage Can Lower Blood Sugar

Sage is a hypoglycemic agent, which means that it can help to lower levels of glucose in the blood. High blood glucose levels can eventually lead to insulin resistance and even diabetes. When blood glucose levels are constantly raised, the body pumps insulin into the blood to remove the glucose and turn it into energy. However, if too much insulin is regularly put into the bloodstream, eventually the body develops a resistance to it, and needs to use more to produce the same effect.

As the body cannot move the glucose where it is needed, a feeling of hunger may also be a symptom of insulin resistance. So, using sage for its hypoglycemic effects can help to reduce the levels of glucose in the blood, improving insulin sensitivity and reducing food cravings from blood sugar peaks. This will make it easier to stay on your diet. Sage is particularly useful if taken on an empty stomach.

Sage Can Improve Menopausal and Menstrual Symptoms

Sage can improve many of the less pleasant menopausal and menstrual symptoms. It is a potent anti-sweating agent and can help to reduce night sweats and hot flashes. It is also a muscle relaxant, so it can help to reduce cramping. But, most importantly for your diet, it can help to calm anxiety and mood-swings, both of which can cause you to overindulge every month. Mood-swings can often lead to cravings and when you feel depressed in anyway, you might be tempted to give in and ruin your diet. Sage has been used to reduce these symptoms for thousands of years and modern science is recently catching up. Many doctors now prescribe sage for natural menopause relief.

Sage Can Treat Indigestion

When you are on a diet, particularly if it is a new diet or accompanied by exercise, you might suffer from stomach pain or indigestion, as your digestive tract may not be used to certain foods. This can make it difficult to stick with something that is already hard enough. Sage is a mild muscle relaxant, so it can help with intestinal pain, and is also often taken as a digestive aid, so it can help you to avoid the indigestion in the first place.

Sage can be grown at home or bought from the supermarket, and brewed as tea or added to meals. Three cups of sage tea can be drunk per day for healing effects, but should not be used to prevent sweating during a fever, during pregnancy or when breast feeding. Sage can be a useful addition to any diet and help make it that much easier to lose weight.


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