How The Food Pyramid For Kids Differs From Adults

The traditional food pyramid that you were taught in school has received a facelift and a food pyramid for kids has been created. The government and health officials realized that adults and children should not be following the same food guidelines and that their needs were, and are, much different. So how does this new food pyramid change the way we go about nutrition and diet?

The Food Pyramid For Kids

Essentially, this food pyramid for kids focuses on the fact that children have separate nutritional needs than adults. In order to grow up healthy and strong, parents need to ensure they are teaching their kids the proper basics for eating healthy. The pyramid implies that children need to eat a variety of all sorts of foods and fit everything into their diet including:

  • lean meat
  • beans
  • fish
  • dairy products
  • vegetables
  • fruits
  • grains
  • nuts 
  • healthy fats 

This does not mean that everything should be eaten in the same amounts though, and parents should do their best to have their children eat more fruits, vegetables, and grains than anything else.

How Can You Teach Your Children?

Probably the best way for parents to teach their children healthy eating habits, and to follow the food pyramid for kids, is to lead by example. If you focus on eating healthy food, it will be much easier to pass on this knowledge down to new generations. The new food pyramid also lets you know that children need to be given adequate time to fit exercise and physical activity into their daily routine. Engaging in family activities and sporting events is a great way to keep them active and on a proper diet.

The Key For Teaching Healthy Eating

The key for the health of your children is to help them fall into the routine of eating healthy. However, make sure this routine contains a lot of variety. For adults, a routine diet consisting of the same foods can be a great way to lose or maintain your weight. This does not work in the same way for children. They need a whole variety of foods from all of the different food groups at all times. If you choose to go on a no-carb diet, that is your choice. Do not allow your children to do the same. Help them eat healthy, but ensure they are getting the nutrients and vitamins needed to grow.

Teaching children the complicated business of living and eating healthy can be quite a tough task. However thanks to the new food pyramid for kids, it has been made a lot easier. Keep your focus on eating healthy, and your children should follow. Encourage them and give them opportunity to consume a whole variety of food. Feeding them foods from all the different food groups is a great way for your children to grow up healthy, strong, and happy.


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