How the Color Blue Supresses Your Appetite

Every time you open the newspaper or a magazine, it seems like there is some new crazy diet for you to try—but who would have ever expected using the color blue can help you lose weight? It sounds crazy, but time and time again it’s been demonstrated that the color blue naturally suppresses your appetite. It’s an interesting solution if you’re not interested in supplements or synthetic items that suppress your appetite. If you’re suspicious of the color blue as an appetite suppressant, read on to understand the science behind it. 

How it Works

Humans have adapted well to their surroundings and the environment, and the fact of the matter is that the environment doesn’t have much in terms of blue food. Blue food simply is an oddity in nature! Blueberries, blue corn, and a few rare types of blue potatoes are the only naturally occurring blue foods.

As a result, your brain doesn’t recognize blue food as something healthy or safe to eat. Strangely-colored food sets off the evolutionary instinct that protects people against eating poisonous or dangerous food. Those instincts spread to blue surroundings, creating an aversion to eating wherever blue is a dominant color.

The Research

One study had participants spending time in a blue room, a red room, and a yellow room. The results of the study showed that 33% less food was eaten in the blue room than in either of the other rooms. Another study, which involved serving foods with different food coloring dyes, demonstrated that participants lost their appetites when served food that had been tinged with blue food dye. Furthermore, product testers of new foods going on the market have a tendency to veto blue foods. Many foods have never even made it to grocery store shelves because its blue color made it look unappetizing.

How to Make it Work for You

You can put this surprising fact to work for you in your diet plan! First, take a look at how colors work to increase your appetite. Red and yellow have the opposite effect of blue, so even if you go into a fast food restaurant with the best of intentions, you could end up being disappointed with how much extra food you eat. Stick to places where you can control the environment you’re eating in—you’ll be much better at controlling your appetite.

Eating off of blue plates is a simple way to use the appetite-suppressing power of the color blue! Many stores have blue refrigerator lights that you can install to curb your urges to graze in the refrigerator. As a more extreme measure, you could use food dye in your food! If you know which foods trigger you to eat more than you’d like, drop a few drops of blue food coloring and see if you eat less.

The color blue is a fun, natural alternative to appetite suppressants that have nasty side effects. Try it with your next meal and see if it helps you stick to your diet!


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