How the Color Blue Can Promote Weight Loss

If you’re looking to lose a few pounds, you may be interested to know that, the color blue can promote weight loss. How is that possible? It’s color psychology. Often we don’t even realize what the colors around us can be saying about us or to us.

Color Psychology

Some colors represent the same feelings and meanings for everyone. What do some colors mean? Yellow is the most attention getting color, and it can also be used to increase metabolism. Red is an intense emotion. Black is the color of mourning, but it is also a very slimming color. Green is for luck, and it is also used to relieve stress.

If you want to lose your appetite, you should also avoid a few colors. Red and Yellow are two of the top colors that can increase your appetite. MacDonald’s with its yellow arches obviously did their homework. Think about other restaurants with red or yellow.

The color blue has a calming effect. It is also a color that can increase productivity. But, the thing to know if you want to lose weight is that the color blue is an appetite suppressant. It may sound strange, but think about how many foods are naturally blue. Think about how you feel if you see blue on or in food.

Incorporating Blue

What are some ways to use the color blue to promote weight loss? Some diet plans would recommend eating your food on a blue plate. If blue is a color that you don’t want to associate with food, it would only make sense that you won’t eat as much if you are eating your food on a blue plate.

Another idea is to put a blue light in your refrigerator. Then, when you open your refrigerator to get food out, you already you won’t grab as much. You can use that blue light bulb, but this time put it in your dining room.

If you’re making food, you can put dye into the food. It’s another way to incorporate the blue. The thought of eating blue pancakes or blue noodles probably doesn’t sit too well with you. So, already adding the color blue is making you lose your appetite.

A Drink of Blue

Remember blue Pepsi; it didn’t last long. And, if you think about a blue liquid, what is the first thing to come to mind? Definitely not something you want to ingest. It probably makes you think of something that would cause you to have to take a trip to the emergency room.

The Result of Blue

If you want a job, a blue suit can make your interviewer think that you are a loyal person. If you are the boss and want to have productive workers, paint your walls blue. If you want to loss some weight, put a blue light bulb in your refrigerator because it will make you lose your appetite at the starting line. 


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