How the Abs Diet Targets Your Body

Just 6 weeks on the Abs Diet will prove to you that you can get the body that you want, and be well on your way to 6 pack abs. This diet-meets-workout transforms your body by supercharging your metabolism to burn fat through workout and nutrition. The foods that you’ll eat will even improve your overall health and help reduce cravings. Not to mention, you don’t have to count anything. No points, no calories, nothing!

Fat Burn

Have you ever talked about how much weight you want to lose? You can abandon that on the abs diet! The abs diet focuses on burning fat, especially visceral fat, or the fat that surrounds your organs and makes for a wider waistline. Not only does that fat burn make you look better, but can add years to your life. Interval workouts, strength training and abdominal exercises contribute to that burn, while fat burning foods like lean protein, fruits, vegetables and whole grains maintain peak nutrition.

In order to see your abs, you have to burn the fat that may be covering them in your abdomen. Even just a small amount of fat on top of those muscles could be hiding them from view, so this truly is a healthy lifestyle — not just a diet — for any body! The best part is that fat burns from your entire body, so you’ll soon see more definition in your arms and back, sleeker thighs and a stronger, more toned backside.

Work It!

Most diets suggest the standard 30 minutes of cardio exercise most days, leaving you to wonder what qualifies as cardio exercise and what “most” really means. The Abs Diet lays it out for you. 30 minutes, 3 days a week of heart pumping cardio, 2 strength sessions and 2 days hitting your abs hard. In “The Abs Diet” book, the workouts are clearly lined up with 60 ab workouts that you can do. In addition, online support offers additional exercises.

Eat the Weight Off

It sounds crazy, but the 12 power foods on the Abs Diet actually help your body burn fat faster. These foods are antioxidant powerhouses that keep you healthier as well. More importantly, the 12 power foods contain a winning combination of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and are low in sodium. All of those factors keep you full and reduce cravings while helping drive your metabolism into overdrive.

This is not the kind of diet that will leave you starving, either. Eating 6 meals a day that include at least 2 power foods and some protein will keep you feeling full and satisfied. As you put your cravings in check, you’ll have less of a desire to reach for that chocolate bar, but to feel satisfied with some tasty berries, almonds or other healthy snack alternatives. The abs diet doesn’t even require that you eliminate any foods, only that you avoid, or infrequently consume, certain foods, like processed, sugary pastries or unhealthy fats.

Lifelong Health

After burning your visceral fat stores and pumping your body full of antioxidants, you can expect to get sick less often, have more energy, and have reduced your risk of diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease. After the 6 week Abs Diet challenge, you will no doubt have changed more than just your waistline. You’ll have a new lease on life and healthy habits to last forever.


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