How Sweating Can Improve Skintone

Sweating is not as bad as some make it out to be.  Aside from being a sign of a good workout, sweating is beneficial to our skin and the way it looks.

Why We Sweat

Skin is the largest organ of the body.  Sweating is the way the body and the skin protects itself from overheating. It also clears out anything in the skin such as dirt, toxins, bacteria and even disease that may be in the skin.  Bacteria and disease can not survive in high temperatures, so sweating is a good way to naturally rid the body of these toxins. Fewer toxins in the system mean that there will be less stress on the immune system.  Sweating on a daily basis also increases the blood circulation in the body.  This increase in blood flow also helps to get things moving and moved outward of the body. 

Sweating will rid the body and skin of all the impurities, including dead skin cells.  When the dead skin cells are gone, the skin can begin the process of regrowth.  New skin cells will replace the dead cells.  This new growth will improve the tone of the skin, texture, elasticity and color of the skin.  If the daily sweating is continued, the skin will continue with the improvement.  If the sweating process is stopped, the skin will slowly resort back to its prior condition.

Sweating Historically

Sweat baths date back thousands of years, back to the time of the ancient Romans.  They had sweat baths which were used to improve circulation and to clean out the body.  The ancient Romans used this practice specifically to improve their complexions. 

Types of Sweating

There are many ways to achieve sweating and it does not have to always be through exercise.  Achieving sweating through exercise is the best way because it has a double benefit.  You help you body as well as your skin.  Another way to achieve sweating is through steam.  A hot shower can be used to cleanse the skin.  You can either be in the shower or you can be in the room that is filled with the steam.  Boiling water can be used as a mini facial.  Boil a pot of water and once it is boiling, cover your head with a towel and place your towel-covered head over the hot water.  The steam will work into the skin. 

Sweating is a sign of the body working to better itself.  The main purpose of sweating is to make sure the body does not overheat but at the same time, it is ridding the body of harmful materials.  Sweating on a regular basis will improve your body inside and out and the results will surely be seen.


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