How Spices Increase Metabolism

Spices can speed your metabolism by about 50% and keep the burn going for about 3 hours! That means that by adding low calorie or calorie free spices to your diet, you can actually burn more calories by doing nothing. They can also help you eliminate unhealthy food additives like salt and oil from your diet because they pack such a flavor punch. Be sure you are adding these spices in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet to really reap the benefits.

Cayenne Pepper

This spicy addition to tons of Mexican dishes has thermogenic properties, or the ability to heat up the body and increase your calorie burn. That’s why eating spicy foods can make you sweat! Try adding cayenne to chili, potatoes, eggs, or even a pinch to a stir-fry dish.


Ginger helps the cells in muscle tissue to utilize more oxygen. This thermogenesis, or activation of metabolism, causes the body to burn more fat and calories. Pair some ginger with garlic and rub it over a chicken breast before grilling for some big flavor.


This tasty spice has been used throughout history as an embalming agent as well as an antibiotic. Cinnamon lowers blood glucose and bad cholesterol — known as LDL cholesterol which clogs arteries with plaque. Lowering blood glucose will also have an additional effect on abdominal fat, which stores glucose more than the fat in other parts of the body. Try adding cinnamon to your morning cereal and coffee, to smoothies or chocolate desserts. Sprinkle it on toast for a quick breakfast or snack.

Green Tea

Green tea has thermogenic properties, getting your metabolism firing and calories burning. That higher metabolic rate coaxes fat burn as well. Try swapping 1 of your cups of coffee for 1 of green tea, or look for some green tea extract supplements. The additional benefit of antioxidants makes green tea a top choice for overall health as well.


The super-spice, turmeric, not only reduces inflammation, improves cholesterol levels, and inhibits blood from clotting, but this flavorful addition to Indian or Asian cooking helps increase the production of bile, the acid needed to break down fats during digestion. It also has thermogenic properties to raise your metabolic rate. Try some with a sprinkle of chili powder, and a bit of salt and pepper on grilled shrimp for a flavorful entree or salad topper.


Not only is mustard a great replacement for fatty condiments on sandwiches or as a dip, but it has extreme health benefits as well. The 10 or so minerals and omega 3 fatty acids in mustard seeds are another benefit, but its metabolism boosting properties are what are amazing for weight loss. The heat in spicy mustard will raise your internal body temperature during digestion, so stick to the hot varieties, or add ground seeds to spice mixes for a dry rub on chicken or sirloin.




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