How Soy Protein Can Help You Lose Weight

If you look around the market, you will be amazed at how popular soy protein snacks and shakes have become as a weight loss option. Many people who are suffering from problems of excessive weight include soy protein in their diet. Unlike other weight loss fads, this one is backed up with scientific studies and evidence. Weight loss experts indicate that these food and drinks are effective in lowering cholesterol and shedding the unwanted pounds the healthy way. Below you will find practical information about soy protein and how it can help you get rid of unnecessary fats.

Soy Protein Basics

What is soy protein? Soy protein is a plant-derived protein, which is lower in fat, carbohydrates, and calories compared to most animal-based proteins. The good news is, it is very rich in nutrients. Vegans and vegetarians rely on soy protein for their body’s need for protein. But apart from them, soy protein is also widely consumed by people who are on a weight loss diet program.

Weight Loss Properties

Soy protein helps in weight loss through different ways. For one, it reduces the amount of fat that a body stores. It converts less calories from the fat that comes from the food that you consume. It controls insulin levels that curb sugar cravings. It also works to increase muscle mass and energy, both of which can contribute to losing weight. Increased muscle mass means more calories burned daily. Increase in energy, meanwhile, can help you get into an exercise program. Finally, soy protein improves metabolism rate.

Including Soy Protein in your Diet

Including soy protein in your diet is very easy. First, you can start your day with a healthy breakfast of soy shakes combined with your favorite fruit. The protein in your shake will give you the energy you need for the rest of the day. It is also effective in staving off hunger longer. For lunch and dinner, you can replace meat viands with tofu. One good recipe to consider is the scrambled tofu. To do this, sauté onions, pepper and jalapenos with soft tofu. Sprinkle with seasoning to make the dish tastier. Another dish to try would be grilled tofu on top of tomato basil pasta. For salad, toss romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and whole-wheat croutons in a salad bowl. Top with tofu and drizzle with low fat dressing.

Even though soy protein is effective in weight loss, you should still combine it with a balanced diet rich in fiber and nutrients as well as regular proper exercise. Even if you consume soy protein all the time, if you live a sedentary lifestyle, losing weight will not come easily. Be sure to incorporate simple exercises in your daily life. Apart from that, include in your diet plenty of vegetables, fruits, and other healthy foods that can provide you with the essential nutrients that your body needs. Nutritious food items supply your body with energy and stamina. This way, you can say goodbye to those unwanted fats the healthy way.


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