How Slipping into Denim Skinny Jeans Can Encourage Weight Loss

If you own a pair of denim skinny jeans, your ultimate goal is to look great in them. Unlike stretchy leggings that are also all the rage these days, denim skinny jeans are far less forgiving. Put on a few pounds and trying to pull them on becomes a struggle! If your skinny jeans are fitting just a tad too snug these days, or simply not fitting at all, look to the positive: skinny jeans are a great weight loss motivator.

Denim Skinny Jeans: Friend or Foe?

When you’re in shape and feeling great, skinny jeans work as positive reinforcement. Wearing them vindicates your efforts and serves as a reward for watching what you eat (i.e., I’ve worked hard and am in shape, so I get the reward of looking fabulous in my jeans). On the other hand, if you’ve gained a few pounds and can’t seem to pull them on, skinny jeans serve as a very immediate reminder of the unfavorable results of your behaviors (i.e., I indulged too much over the past few weeks and now they don’t fit).

It’s easy to see skinny jeans as the enemy in these kinds of situations, the same way you can view running on the treadmill at the gym as a kind of torture. In reality, skinny jeans are more of a friend than an enemy. They serve as a great way to gauge your progress or your weight maintenance. Like a friend who gives you the honest truth in the dressing room or who encourages you to skip the second helping of pizza, skinny jeans keep it real with you. There’s no sugar-coating the truth with your denim skinny jeans. If they’re not fitting the way they should, it’s time to modify your behaviors.

Skinny Jeans as a Weight Loss Tool

The feeling you get when your clothes are too small is the worst. Rather than dwell on it, you should look at the ways you can change your eating and exercise habits so that they fit again.

Denim skinny jeans serve as a benchmark in your weight loss plans. They’re great in encouraging weight loss because they fit to your body perfectly. They help you keep in mind the “best possible physical you.” If they’re fitting you just slightly snug, you might need to only modify your behaviors slightly (maybe hitting the gym one more day each week or cutting dessert back from seven days a week to four or five). If they don’t fit at all, you know that you need to drastically change your behaviors.

Think of trying your skinny jeans on like a weekly weigh in. As you begin a new eating or exercise plan, try on your jeans periodically to see your progress.

It’s very important that you are using the right size of denim skinny jeans to gauge your progress to begin with. Skinny jeans should fit you in your best, but most realistic, shape possible. Don’t use skinny jeans two or more sizes smaller to watch your progress. Be realistic in your goals and find a size that’s attainable and maintainable.


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