How Shapewear Can Enhance Posture

Shapewear is all the rage these days. With numerous brands on the market, more and more women–and even men–are using shapewear to look thinner and create a sleeker profile. Some shapewear even claims to help reduce cellulite, alleviate back pain or even hasten weight loss. Shapewear is available in a variety of styles, including panty hose, underwear, bras, camisoles and even lingerie. Different styles are available for summer and winter wear, and to wear under an infinite variety of clothing, from casual wear to elegant dresses for a night on the town.

Regardless of claims that might seem over the top, it’s certain that shapewear can help you look slimmer, achieve a more youthful figure and, yes, improve your posture. Some shapewear is even constructed specifically to help with posture correction.

Posture Correction with Shapewear

As shapewear has been more widely marketed to men, posture correction has become more prominent in advertising these products. While many women who use shapewear do so to look thinner and to reduce self-consciousness about excess weight, the added benefits of posture correction can do a great deal to help overall health, confidence and appearance.

The elastic nature of shapewear, which allows it to cling to your body and compress trouble areas for a slimmer silhouette, lends itself naturally to posture correction. Shapewear helps by providing support to the back and shoulders. The compression from the elastic encourages you to stand straighter and more confidently, with your back straighter and firmer. This improvement in posture while standing, walking and even sitting contributes to a slimmer look and can help reduce strain on the back, particularly for those who sit for extended periods.

Shapewear Made to Correct Posture

Posture correction can occur with any type of shapewear that focuses on the abdomen or lower body as a natural side effect of the garments’ compression areas and elasticity. Some shapewear, though, is specially designed to correct posture.

Though most shapewear is constructed to resemble conventional undergarments, some includes elastic straps and extensions designed to support and lift the body. Criss-cross straps across the back, for example, help lift the shoulders, preventing slumping and encouraging a straight back and confident posture. Lifting the shoulders and standing straighter, as well as the added support to maintain this better posture, can alleviate back pain, particularly in the lumbar area in the lower back.

This kind of shapewear works well to improve posture and help alleviate back pain, but can be bulkier and more uncomfortable than regular shapewear. However, for those who suffer from constant pain, the inconvenience of bulkier clothing can be worth it.

Though some of the claims made by shapewear manufacturers, such as shapewear that can bring about weight loss or reduce cellulite, seem ridiculous, there’s no arguing that standing straighter and feeling better makes you look better. And feeling better can even spur you to take better care of yourself, helping you focus on eating healthier, exercising and taking other measures to improve your health and strengthen your body. If a few undergarments help keep you on the road to good health, they’re certainly worth it.


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