How Severe PMS Can Affect Your Weight

It is a tendency to joke that someone is suffering from severe PMS when they are in a bad mood, but the condition is no laughing matter. If you are one of the 5 percent of American women that suffer from severe PMS, then you know how daunting and upsetting the experience can be. In many situations, you have to rearrange your daily routine, work and social schedules. Along with other symptoms such as increased fatigue, cramps and irritability, severe PMS can also affect your weight.

Hormonal Changes during Severe PMS

Your body undergoes recurring changes in hormone levels during the menstrual cycle. The symptoms of the changes are more apparent if you suffer from severe PMS. Due to the rise and fall of hormone levels during this period, immense fluid retention or bloating occurs. The swelling due to fluid retention subsequently adds to your weight.

Stress Levels during Severe PMS

Since all the symptoms are heightened when you suffer from severe PMS, a tremendous amount of stress can rear its ugly head. Stress is known as one of the major causes of overeating, and overeating eventually leads to weight gain. Find healthy means to channel out stress when you suffer from severe PMS, to help you gain emotional balance. You can indulge yourself with meditation, yoga, music therapy or other simple activities like gardening to attain a sense of relaxation.

Lack of Exercise during Severe PMS

When all of the symptoms of severe PMS take their toll, all that you may want to do is sleep and wait for it to go away. The lack of exercise during this period does not help your body’s metabolism and fat burning process. If physical activities are set aside during this time, you may gain unwanted pounds.

Exercise is actually helpful during PMS. It increases natural brain chemicals (endorphins) that provide a feeling of well-being that may even reduce severe PMS symptoms. The key is to not overdo it. Listen to your body. If you don’t feel like doing rigid exercises, walking is a good way to start.

Weight Gain Due to Cravings

Resist your cravings during severe PMS. Severe PMS delivers a two-pronged hindrance to your diet; your food cravings for sweet, salty and starchy foods and your stress level might be lowering your willpower to exercise. Such conditions affecting your diet can be very strong and irresistible. Try your best to combat these food cravings and stick to a healthy diet if you’re serious about avoiding weight gain.

Foods rich in fiber and calcium can help you combat cravings. Fiber can fill you up, making you feel less hungry. Drink plenty of water to reduce bloating by flushing the toxins out. Cut back on fat consumption, decrease simple carbohydrates and sugars from your diet, reduce caffeine, decrease salt and abstain from alcohol.

Medication for Treatment of Severe PMS

Certain prescription drugs to treat symptoms of severe PMS can lead to weight gain. Medications such as anti-depressant drugs have been known to contribute greatly to unwanted weight gain.

If you sense that your medication is making you gain weight, consult your doctor for advice and request for medication that does not contain weight-inducing substances.


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