How Satiety Can Prevent Social Eating

Satiety is the experience of being full or at least partially full. Social eating is only a negative action if it leads to eating more than your daily allotment of calories. The problem is that social eating is often unconscious eating, so it often does lead to overeating. You’re distracted by the social interactions and may feel more pressure to keep eating because everyone around you is eating. Here are some ways that satiety can help you get thin and stay thin while maintaining an active social life.

Helps You Stay Conscious About Your Caloric Intake

Consciously eating something before you go to your event requires you to think about the calories you are taking in if you are using calorie counting to help you lose weight. Eat a healthy snack that includes vegetables or some fruit with protein and think about the caloric content.

Helps You Wait Before Taking That First Social Bite

If you arrive at your event with a satisfied feeling in your belly, you’ll be less likely to go straight for the buffet table or dig into the bread at the restaurant. The best way to avoid overeating is to go slowly and regulate your impulses. Satiety is a great first step.

Helps to Keep Your Blood Sugar Regulated

When your blood sugar is at a balanced level, your judgment is at its best and your risk for emotional eating is at its lowest. Eating small meals and healthy snacks throughout the day keeps your blood sugar at a more steady level. Focus on a little protein with each snack and each meal as well as eating foods that are high in fiber so that you feel more full with fewer calories.

Keeps Your Energy Level High

If you go to a social event with low energy from too few calories, you’ll feel more tired. Thus, you will be more likely to want sugar, carbohydrates, and other foods to help boost your energy. A snack with some complex carbohydrates, a little protein, and some antioxidants will help your body feel energized and ready to socialize. This is a much better stance for managing your eating than going to the event while you are low on energy and ready to eat!

Changes the Overeating Mindset

The idea of starving yourself before a party sets the stage for overeating at the event. It’s a little trick we all engage in to justify overeating at a party or restaurant. But the fact is that one poor eating decision leads to more poor decisions. Feeling deprived usually doesn’t provide encouragement. Rather, it often leads to a kind of rebellious overeating with thoughts like, “I deserve this extra food because I’ve been so good today.” Then you’re more likely to continue with poor decisions long after the event.

There are many strategies to avoid unconscious, social eating. Satiety is just one aspect of managing your caloric intake in social situations, while still having fun.


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