How Salt Water Improves Skin

Many believe that salt water has many therapeutic qualities. The father of medicine, Hippocrates, discovered its healing powers when he noticed its effect on the injured hands of fishermen. Nowadays, seawater or salt water is used to treat many ailments including skin disorders and the like.

Salt Water Therapy for Skin

When you emerge from the sea after swimming, you may feel that your skin is clearer and a lot healthier than when you went it. The key component for this change is the salt in the water. The salt rejuvenates your skin by opening the pores to purify it. It aids in cleansing the dirt, sweat and toxins away leaving you with soft and fresh-looking skin.

Salt water has been known to help improve common skin irritations and problems such as minor rashes, skin allergies from insect bites and soften calluses on feet. Salt water is a common ingredient that spas use for their head to toe treatments. Research shows that salt water can help in treating acne. Furthermore, salt in water can also help with more serious skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and athlete’s foot. It helps in the reduction of skin infection and also offers pain relief for many. Combined with special oils, salt water can improve the appearance of scars as well.

Salt water is also a good remedy for dry itchy skin. Scrubbing your skin while bathing in salt water can effectively exfoliate and remove the dead skin that causes the itchiness. Salt water also assists in keeping your skin hydrated.

Salt Water’s Health Benefits

Salt water is effective in rejuvenating the cells of the skin. Apart from the benefits that it offers your skin, it also has many other healing properties. Salt water baths have been known to help reduce inflammation of sore muscles by increasing the blood circulation. Salt water baths are recommended if you suffer from back pain, muscle tension and arthritis. Also, it helps in releasing tension and stress which reduces fatigue and gives you a renewed and energized feeling afterwards.

The salt content in salt water restores the mineral balance in your body through the skin. It contains many minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium. These minerals are good for your nervous system, your bones and skin. The absorption of the sodium contents from salt water also helps in making your immune system healthy.

Is Salt Water For Everyone?

While some enjoy the many benefits of salt water as part of their skin care routine, others have encountered negative results when using it. Some people have reported that their skin feels slimy or unclean after using salt water. This may be due to the concentration of salt in the water they used.

Overall, salt water is a good way to keep your skin soft, rejuvenated and healthy. Using it once a week at home will save you the cost and trip to the spas with almost the same results.


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