How Often Should Game Meats be Consumed?

Game meats include a variety of meats, including venison, buffalo and rabbit. Game meats are generally classified as animals obtained during hunting season. Because of strict laws surrounding hunting, always check with your state Fish and Wildlife Department to ensure the game meat you’re considering is legal in your state.

Red Meat

Game meats, poultry excluded, are considered red meat. Because of this you want to use some of the same guidelines you would when consuming red meat. Proper cooking is vital to avoid dangerous bacteria. If you’re consuming game meat in a restaurant, you should have nothing to worry about. If cooking at home, follow the general rule of 165 to 180 degrees for red meat. 


Red meat is hard on the digestive system, and that’s why doctors and nutritionists recommend you limit your red meat consumption. A good rule of thumb for red meat is no more than three times a week.

Health Conditions

If you have health conditions like high cholesterol or others that are aggravated by red meats, game meats could cause the same reactions. Talk with your doctor before consuming game meats to ensure there won’t be a problem. 

Game meat has gained in popularity and is now available in restaurants around the country. Game meats are safe to consume, but it’s important to know who is handling it. Because most game meat is hunted and prepped by individuals, there’s no guarantee to protect you from contracting food-borne illnesses. Restaurants are held to the same standards as other meats through FDA standards.


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