How Often Should Bikram Yoga be Practiced?

Most instructors recommend that you practice Bikram yoga as often as possible; usually 6 days per week for the first couple of months, unless health problems are an issue. Initially, your state of health will determine your introduction phase, but the fact is that the harder it is to perform, the more your body needs yoga.

Beginning Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga for beginner’s class is a series of 26 postures, called asanas and two breathing exercises called pranayamas– all are practiced in a heated room. This form of Yoga is suitable for any age and level of ability.

The more often you are able to come to class, the better you will feel. Each class gets you ready for the next one. If you are only able to attend class a couple of times per week, you will experience benefits and see results, but not as fast. A minimum of three times per week is encouraged for good results, with four to six times per week being the best for life changing results. The more often you are able to attend class, you will begin to notice changes in your health, improvements in posture and to your body overall.

Practicing Daily

By practicing Bikram Yoga daily, until you are performing each posture 90 percent correct, postures like the challenging Standing Bow and Balancing Stick pose will get easier. 

Since you’ll be exercising for 90 minutes a session, you will be working towards improving your health. This form of yoga is the most efficient use of your workout time, as it uses all systems of your body while healing old injuries and helping you to become more resilient to future injuries.


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