How Nutrition Therapy Can Ease Your Diabetes

Nutritional therapy can be very beneficial in easing your diabetes and helping to avoid acute and chronic conditions that can result from diabetes. A proper diet gives people living with diabetes the opportunity to stay healthy with less or no insulin and may even prevent diabetes.

Reducing Proteins and Fats

High amounts of protein and fat in the Western diet can limit the way that cells use insulin and can overly tax the kidneys. Therefore, many practitioners of nutritional therapy recommend lowering fat and reducing protein intake significantly. In the place of fat and protein, it is recommended to increase your intake of unrefined carbohydrates.

There are less calories per gram in carbohydrates than in fats, and weight loss is often a critical element for people living with diabetes (so eating a lower calorie diet is important). Carbohydrates supply a lot of fiber which can also positively affect blood sugar. Fresh vegetables, fruits (in moderation), whole grains and legumes all are great sources of carbohydrates.

Nutritional Therapy and Supplements

Some nutrients such as the mineral chromium and niacin may boost the power of insulin. These can be taken in supplement form, in addition to other helpful supplements like vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, manganese, magnesium and vanadium.

By working with a nutritional therapist, you can help to control your diabetes and improve your overall health the natural way.




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