How Naps Can Boost Your Performance

Naps are often considered a sin, especially in the workplace, but napping can have its benefits. The next time you find yourself feeling drowsy and nodding off in the middle of the day, you might want to consider getting a few minutes of shuteye instead of trying to get an energy boost by drinking coffee or consuming a high-calorie snack. Here are some ways that naps can actually boost your performance.

Naps Relieve Stress

Having disagreements with a colleague in your department? Rushing to prepare your presentation for the next meeting? Trying to finish a pile of paperwork before the deadline? These common workplace scenarios can bring on a lot of stress. When you are dealing with a lot of stress, it often becomes difficult to concentrate and focus on your work. This can result in poor performance. When you find your energy waning in the middle of the day, try to take a short nap on your desk or on a comfortable couch. This will make you feel revived and ready to focus on work.

Naps Improve Memory and Alertness

When you did not get a sufficient amount of sleep the night before, your thinking might be a bit sluggish the next day. You might notice that you are unable to remember important data and response time to certain tasks is slow. These situations can be solved by a good nap. When you take a nap, your brain is better able to learn and remember things. Since your energy surges, you are also more alert to your surroundings.

Naps Give You Energy to Exercise

If your daily hectic schedule leaves you too tired to exercise, you might want to incorporate a nap into your regular routine so you can have enough strength to work out. Napping improves stamina so you can exercise longer and more efficiently. For instance, if you like to run for exercise, a nap can make it possible for you to run longer distances, and for longer amounts of time.

Naps Improve Creativity

If your job requires you to come up with good ideas, then you need a good amount of creativity in order to perform better. When you are well-rested and relaxed, it becomes easier to come up with creative ideas. Your imagination is usually inhibited when you’re too close to the problem. Experts say that it is important to step back and let your mind rest and wander so it can come up with an idea. When you feel stuck with a work-related problem, try taking a short nap. You’ll be surprised at how ideas easily come to you once your mind is rested.

Naps Help You Stay up Late

If your job requires you to stay up late or take the night shift, a nap could be an indispensable part of your day. People like call center agents, security guards, doctors, nurses and other employees who need to work late hours can protect themselves from sleepiness by learning to take a nap when needed.


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