How Music Can Improve Your Workout

Music can have a powerful effect on you; it can lift your mood, make you more depressed, help you release some anger or distract you from life’s problems. It stands to reason, then, that the right tunes can have an impact on your workout in a number of different ways.

The Great Motivator

Music can be a reason–or even the reason–to get you off of the couch and launch you into a workout routine. This is especially true if you’re unable to workout regularly with friends or family members. When you work out alone, there’s no one but yourself to motivate you to get moving. You may come up with a dozen excuses to skip one or two workout sessions–you’re tired after work or school or from performing jobs around the house, you have no time, it makes you feel sore, etc…–but it only takes missing one session for you to undo all of the hard work you’ve done so far and make it even harder for you to start up again. However, if you start looking forward to working out, you’ll be more likely to make the time and less likely to skip out on a session. You’ll do this by making the exercise time fun.

Turning “Boring” Into “Fun”

Another excuse you may have to put off exercise is that working out is boring. You’re busy moving and can’t very easily multitask, after all. If you’re alone, it may be even more boring. However, putting on your ear buds and firing up your favorite tunes can make the experience far more fun. In fact, it can give you a chance to listen to new music or relive the feelings you had when you first listened to some of your favorite rhythms, something you might not otherwise have time to do. Working out can become your “me time,” when you can push aside your problems for a time and immerse yourself in rhythm.

Getting You Moving

There are so many different tastes in music and the fact is that there are quite a few genres and songs that are a little hard to dance to. However, you’re sure to love at least a few songs or pieces of music with repetitive beats. Choosing an upbeat piece of music for which you only have positive memories can help you focus on the task at hand.

Timing your workout with the beats of upbeat tunes can help you count steps and reps easier. For example, if you’re walking or jogging, you can start timing your steps with the beat. If you’re doing reps of a stretch or weight lift, you can time each rep with the beat. (Just be careful not to go too fast, as you can pull a muscle or hurt yourself.) Timing your workout to an easy-to-identify beat can make it seem less difficult and less monotonous. Before you know it, you’ll be finished with your workout and still eager to listen to more songs.


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