How Much Fruit Should You Eat Per Day?

Eating a healthy diet can be difficult. It’s even more difficult to figure out how fruit fits into that diet. The food pyramid states that you should try to eat two to four servings of fruit per day, but how much is a serving of fruit? You may also wonder if different fruits count for different servings or if fruit juice counts into your daily fruit goal. Once you know how much fruit you need to eat in a day, it’s an easy goal to reach.

What Counts as a Serving of Fruit

Generally speaking, one-half cup of fruit qualifies as a fruit serving. This works out to one medium piece of fruit. For an apple, orange, plum or other similarly-shaped and sized fruit, you should aim for a tennis ball sized fruit to get one serving. Although you might think a banana would count as more than one serving, one small-to-medium sized banana still counts as just one serving of fruit. 

What Else You Can Eat for Fruit Servings

If you like snacking during the day, try dried fruit. It keeps the fruit juice off your hands and is much tidier than eating fresh fruit. Furthermore, you get more bang for your buck. While you need one-half cup of fresh fruit to get a full fruit serving, you only need to eat one-fourth cup of dried fruit to get a fruit serving.

Maybe you don’t like eating fruit much at all. If that’s the case, fruit juice (apple juice, orange juice and grape juice are popular choices) can help you out. Three-fourths cup of fruit juice counts as a fruit serving, so if you like big glasses of orange juice in the morning, it’s very easy to hit your fruit goal early. 

Following this guide, it’s easy to get the fruit you need to stay healthy.  A few apples or oranges, some handfuls of dried fruit, or a couple big glasses of juice will get you on the road to health.


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