How Much Caffeine Is in Ceylon Tea?

Ceylong tea is a black tea originally grown in Sri Lanka. The tea is palatable and partially fermented. Because of its pungent aroma and delightful taste that many tea lovers enjoy, ceylong became popular during the 19th and 20th centuries. Ceylong tea is unique from other teas because of its quality that is influenced by the region in which the plant is grown.

Caffeine Content

Depending on the preparation methods and the quality of the tea you buy, an 8 oz. cup of ceylong tea contains about 23 – 110 mg of caffeine. A significant amount of the caffeine content, approximately 80 percent can be reduced. When water is added to the tea bag, caffeine is the first thing that is released. Therefore, you can remove most of this caffeine if the tea is steeped 30 – 45 seconds. If the tea is steeped for longer periods with more tea leaves added, then the caffeine content will increase.

Health Benefits

When ceylong tea is consumed on a regular basis, the risks of cancer can be prevented because of the powerful antioxidants the tea contains. Antioxidants guard the cells in the body from free radicals that are potentially damaging to the DNA. If this damage should occur, cancer cells can be created. The antioxidants in ceylong tea are effective in protecting the body, and also to maintain long term health. Research has also shown that the tea contains various compounds that improve heart health, blood circulation, and high cholesterol if four cups of tea are consumed per month.




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