How Much Acai Berry Should You Eat?

Acai berry is a popular Brazilian fruit that inherited a reputable recognition in the media for helping people to lose weight. This Brazilian miracle is also considered a powerful super food that contains powerful antioxidants to protect your health from various health disorders. In addition to helping your body fight free radicals, Acai is recommended by doctors as a skin nutrient, because they claim the fruit is an efficient source that makes the skin appear younger, and more radiant.

How Much Should You Consume?

The amount of Acai Berry that you ingest depends solely on the purpose of the goal that you are trying to accomplish. If you are eating the berries for general health purposes, there are no known side effects involved if you eat too much. After all, Acai is a natural fruit.

However, if you were to drink Acai juice, the amount that you consume would depend on the potency, and quality of the product. It is vital that you follow the directions on the label of the Acai product you buy. The typical dosage for drinking a highly concentrated Acai juice product is usually up to 4 oz. per day. Since individual results vary, it is recommended that you take the amount that you feel is right for you. You should also exercise caution when taking Acai weight loss supplements, as these pills carry side effects that can become dangerous if you consume too much.


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