How Monounsaturated Fat Benefits Your Health

Whenever you hear about fats, you automatically think about all of the bad things that are associated with them. However, have you heard the scoop on monounsaturated fat, and do you know the multiple health benefits it provides? Monounsaturated fats are one of the two healthy fats (polyunsaturated fats being the other) that your body depends on to thrive. The best part about them is that they can be found in many different kinds of natural foods. Therefore, you do not need to buy anything extra, you just need to make a couple of dietary adjustments. These can be really simple and involve incorporating foods such as nuts, avocados, and olive oil into your diet, and avoiding foods high in saturated fat (bad fat) such as butter, cookies, and coconut oil.

Difference between LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol

Since many of these foods already exist in your routine eating regimen, it is not difficult to add a little more in order to keep your health on a better track. It has been proven that the monounsaturated fats and fatty acids found in these types of foods can lower LDL cholesterol, which is the kind of cholesterol that causes health problems such as arterial plaque and clot formation that can lead to heart attacks and strokes. There has also been a lot of speculation that these foods can raise HDL cholesterol, which is the kind that has been claimed to be the “good” cholesterol. However, it has not yet been proven that this happens every time monounsaturated fat is consumed. This essential fat carries so much nutrition, you would be naive not to use it in your daily diet to combat the LDL cholesterol that can be harmful to your body.

Effects on Children

Also, these types of fats can have a different effect on children. The added health benefit for children is that monounsaturated fats can help to build healthier serum lipid profiles. There are studies currently taking place to evaluate the correlation between serum lipid profiles and the tendencies towards obesity. Healthier diets in children, with the inclusion of moderate amounts of monounsaturated fats, may build the foundation for ideal weight and better health in adulthood. This is a great benefit because children can begin to prevent cholesterol at an early age early. Foods rich in monounsaturated fats also promote healthier skin and better musculoskeletal growth.

Benefits of Monounsaturated Fat

Eating these types of foods will help you stay on a low cholesterol diet that leads to better health. These foods are not only great for prevention, but they can also alleviate existing health problems such as excess belly fat and painful joints due to rheumatoid arthritis. They have also been known to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women. There is no better way to improve your health than through natural means, as medication can be pricey and deliver side effects. For early prevention and a way to avoid expensive medical treatment in the future, you should raise the amount of monounsaturated fats in your diet to encourage great health.


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  • Brenda Rojas

    I want to start by saying this is a very interesting article; now can you explain to me how is it that MUFAs work inside the body? How is it possible that avocados and nuts can make one get rid of the belly fat?