How Mirror Placement Can Affect Weight Loss

Have you ever noticed the location of the mirror that you use on a daily basis?  Are there several in your house, or do you only look in a mirror when you need to? A simple thing such as mirror placement in your home can really affect your weight loss efforts.

Seeing the Bad and the Good

When you gain weight, the last thing you probably want to do is look in the mirror. However, if positive changes are to be made, you must see yourself as you really are. You should acknowledge the good things about your body, but you must also recognize the bad things. If you do not recognize the problem areas, it will be difficult to address the issues. For instance, imagine that your upper body looks pretty good, and your lower body needs some work. If you do not recognize the issues with your lower body, you would not necessarily take appropriate action to combat that situation. The only way to address it is to start by seeing it.

You should have at least one full-length mirror which is placed such that you will be forced to view your entire body on a daily basis. Many people place mirrors on the backs of doors, but this is not a place where they can always be seen and utilized. A better option is to place the mirror on a wall right beside an entrance or exit to a room that is used often. In addition, it should be placed such that you cannot avert your eyes, but are forced to take in the view.

Motivation or Deterrent

Another way that mirror placement can affect weight loss is to provide either motivation to continue doing the right things or a deterrent against doing the wrong things. Simply place a mirror near your refrigerator or pantry, where you will see it when you are going to get food. If you are not pleased with the results you are seeing, and you are snacking when you should not be, seeing yourself may help deter you from grabbing that snack. On the other hand, if you are pleased with the results you are getting, continually seeing your image in the mirror will help to motivate you to continue with your weight-loss program.

People who practice Feng Shui also believe that a mirror in your eating area can act as a weight-loss aid. Mirrors assist in gaining focus, and if you place it within view of your seat, you will be constantly reminded of the types of foods and portion sizes you are eating, while you are eating.

Workout Aids

If you are performing your workouts in your home, make sure to place a mirror nearby. It will help you ensure that you are using the correct form in your movements, thus obtaining better results from your workouts. In addition, if you have a mirror in your workout area, it will help to motivate you as you begin to see results happening before your eyes.


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