How Massage Can Alleviate Seasonal Allergies

Many folks are debilitated by seasonal allergies. It is a daily struggle that can really zap one’s energy. Prescribed and over the counter medications are okay and can help some people get over their suffering, but what most rarely consider is a massage. Massage therapy has come a long way since only being available as a luxury and can now help on many levels including seasonal allergies.

Sinus Massage

It is not always necessary to commit to a full body massage. Many spas and private practitioners will offer or accommodate a sinus massage. This massage concentrates on the face, head, neck and ears to move along blocked residue as well as enhance blood flow to get the sinus cavity clear and healthy. By gently rubbing under the eyes and pushing toward the ears, any sinus obstructions will move to and out the Eustachian tube. Working along the neck (especially the throat area) will continue the process. In addition, the head, jaw, feet and hands (feet and hand work is called reflexology) will also offer areas to be opened.


A sinus massage can be enhanced with the use of aromatherapy. Essential oils such as eucalyptus, pine, menthol, peppermint and lemon placed on points such as the temples, neck and ears can create excellent movement within the sinus cavity. In addition, purchasing some of these oils and using them when beginning to feel allergies creep up, can sometimes get one through the day.

Cost and Time

The cost of a massage varies, but if one sticks to a sinus massage it can be much less and take half the time. Start by searching for spas near the home or office and be sure and ask if they offer some sort of sinus or allergy massage. In addition, private practitioners can be found via the phone book or by word of mouth, and some even make home visits. It is best to commit to at least once a week for four weeks, but if it is affordable, try twice a week or more. Also, if asked, many will offer a discount for repeat business or a pre-purchased package.


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