How Many Pounds Do You Need to Lose to Drop a Dress Size?

If you take into account the number of pounds that must be burned in order to achieve this goal, dropping one full dress size is not an easy feat. Ten to fifteen pounds is required to be lost in order for a person to drop a dress size.

Burn Away

Because one pound of fat is equal to 3,500 calories, a person would need to burn 35,000 to 52,500 calories to be able to drop one dress size. And, these calories would need to be in excess of the total amount of calories that are taken into the body during the day through food and drink.To accomplish this goal in 30 days is an almost impossible feat for most simply due to the vast amount of calories that would need to be burned in that short of a time frame–approximately 2,658 calories per day.

Time Frame

A more accessible goal would be to attempt to drop a dress size in three to six months. A long-term program of regular exercise and a healthy diet is essential to lose the weight and be able to keep it off. On quick weight loss diets, usually the majority of the weight lost is water weight–and those pounds can quickly return.


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