How Many Inches to Lose a Dress Size?

In order to lose a dress size, surprisingly only one inch needs to be lost from the bust, waist and hips. This number can be deceiving, however. Dropping one full dress size is not exactly an easy task. To lose one inch around the waist, about 10 to 15 pounds must be lost.

Setting Goals

In order to lose a dress size, you should set realistic goals that you can stick to. Do not try to drop a full dress size in only a few weeks. Setting unrealistic goals will set you up for failure. And, do not get discouraged if the weight does not fall off in the first couple of weeks. It takes time for your metabolism to get adjusted to the new program. The results will come. Expect to lose about one to two pounds a week on average, realistically.

Diet and Exercise

Both a healthy diet and a comprehensive workout plan should be strictly followed in order to lose a dress size. This does not have to be unbearable, however. Add in exercise and better food choices slowly at first. For example, try adding an extra 15 to 30 minutes of light exercise, such as walking, to each day and lowering your calorie intake by 200 calories daily.


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  • Lisa

    This is not true seeing as how you can actually gain weight yet lose inches, thus allowing you to fit into a smaller size, the weight gain comes in the form of muscle and since muscle weighs more than fat it causes increases on the scale yet decreases in inches since muscle takes up less room within your body. you need to lose fat and gain muscle in order to go down a dress size, you can loose fifteen pounds and still not loose an inch from anywhere.

  • Shelly Duncan

    I agree with the number of inches but in my experience the weight drop is not necessarily required. If your workout consists of weight training, you can lose the inches quite quickly and in fact actually put on weight as you are burning fat but building muscle which is heavier. The focus in this case is toning and reshaping. If you are doing purely cardio exercise however than dropping a dress size by losing the weight will be more common. It comes down to the type of exercise you are doing.