How Many Inches from Your Waist to Go Down a Jeans Size?

In order to drop one jeans size, surprisingly only one to two inches need to be lost from the waist. This number can be deceiving, however. Dropping one full jeans size is not exactly an easy task, especially if you take into account the number of calories that must be burned in order to obtain this goal.

Calories Burned to Drop a Jeans Size

A person is required to lose about 15 pounds in order to drop a full jeans size. One pound of fat is equal to 3,500 calories. Therefore, a person would need to burn around 52,500 calories to be able to drop one jeans size. And, these calories would need to be in excess of the total amount of calories that are taken into the body during the day through food and drink. Therefore, if a person wishes to drop a jeans size in 30 days and consumes a diet of 1,200 calories, an additional 36,000 calories needs to be burned during that month in addition to the 52,500 calories.

So, on average, a total of approximately 2,950 calories per day for 30 days would need to be burned to lose the jeans size. This difficult task becomes more accessible if the goal is to drop a jeans size in three to six months, of course. Remember, healthy and permanent weight loss means losing one to two pounds a week.


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