How Many Calories Do You Need to Burn to Drop a Dress Size?

The goal to drop a dress size is possible if there is a willingness to put in the hard work. It is not exactly an easy feat, especially if you take into account the number of calories that must be burned.

How Many Calories?

You would need to lose 10 to 15 pounds in order to drop one full dress size. Since one pound of fat is equal to 3,500 calories, you would need to burn 35,000 to 52,500 calories to be able to drop one dress size. Be aware that this number does not include the calories consumed daily through food and drink. These are additional calories that would need to be burned.

Long-Term Goals

For many people, the 1,200 daily recommended amount of calories are exceeded each and every day because of unhealthy diets consisting of foods that have high caloric and fat levels. On a positive note, however, the average person can burn 1,00o to 3,000 calories through just their daily tasks and during sleep. But, to be able to burn the amount of calories and lose the amount of pounds it takes to drop a dress size, a long-term program of consistent exercise and a healthy diet needs to be followed.


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