How Many Calories Do I Need To Lose Weight?

In order to determine the necessary calories to lose weight, you need to adjust the ratio between the calorie intake and the amount of calories burned. You can find out this ratio by using a calorie counter. 

How To Keep Track of Calories?
Besides using a calorie counter, you should also keep two diaries: one that contains all the foods consumed throughout the day, and another that includes all the physical activities. This is very important because the values differ significantly between sedentary and active people, and between vegetarians and omnivores. 

Weight Loss and Calorie Count 

Weight loss is achieved when the number of calories burned exceeds the daily calorie intake. However, the best results are obtained when you increase the duration and intensity of physical activities, while decreasing the calorie intake of your diet.

You should also keep track of your weight in the aforementioned diaries. This way, you will be able to notice any progress. In contrast, if your weight is increasing or remains constant, you will know that some changes need to be made, either in your diet or in the lifestyle.

Losing weight by regulating the calorie intake and consumption is safe and easy, as long as you do not forget to use the diaries. 


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