How Many Calories Can you Burn By Kissing?

You know all the standard forms of exercise—running, jogging, bicycling, dancing, lifting weights, and…kissing? While you probably have just thought of kissing as a way to bond with your partner, release endorphins, and enjoy yourself, it’s also a fun way to burn calories and lose weight!

Calorie Breakdown of Kissing

Like with any other physical activity, the amount of calories you burn during a kiss is based on your weight and the intensity. One minute of kissing typically burns 2-5 calories! That puts it in the same calorie-burning range as golf, mowing the lawn, slow swimming, and walking at the rate of two miles an hour. Now, how much do you have to kiss to lose weight? One pound is 3,500 calories. Let’s say you’re a particularly vigorous, involved kisser, and you burn five calories a minute while you’re kissing. Kiss just ten minutes a day—not hard to reach when you take into account kissing goodbye, kissing hello, and random affectionate smooches throughout the day—and you can burn more than five pounds a year! That’s not bad for something you enjoy doing anyways.

If you step your kissing up to a more involved French kiss, you’ll burn even more calories. You use a lot more facial muscles while you’re in the middle of a long French kiss, and probably a few arm, back, and hand muscles as well. Have one of these long kissing sessions for ten minutes a day, and you can lose ten pounds a year. That’s easy—if you’re in the early, passionate stages of a relationship, ten minutes of kissing a day would probably be cutting back for you!

Other Weight Loss Benefits of Kissing

Kissing doesn’t just burn calories—it can help you in lots of other ways too! The excitement that kissing causes tends to raise your heart rate, which is essential for weight loss and calorie burning. Additionally, passionate kissing speeds up your metabolism, so think about giving your honey a long kiss before or after dinner to save yourself some of those calories! Your metabolism will also use sugar faster after a long kiss, so if sugary treats are to blame for weight gain, kissing can help offset that.

Another great benefit is that kissing increases how much adrenaline is coursing through your body at any given time. Your heart pumps blood around the body more efficiently, you get a great aerobic workout, and you burn more calories throughout all of it.  

Who knew that kissing could be so great for you? Studies show that most women put on weight when they are in a committed relationship due to conforming to their partner’s eating patterns—why not offset that weight gain with a whole lot of kissing? The end results: you and your partner will be closer and more intimate, you’ll experience better dental hygiene, your metabolism will be more active, and you’ll be burning calories. There are not many other workouts that have that much going for them!


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