How Many Calories Burned Equals 1 Pound?

To equal one pound there needs to be 3500 calories burned. The best way to lose a pound is to lose it slowly. It should take you about a week to burn enough calories to lose one pound.

The Week

To lose a pound in a week, there needs to be a caloric deficiency. It is best to break up the calorie deficiency each day so the body does not feel deprived and start to conserve fat for energy. Since 3500 calories make up a pound, to lose a pound there needs to be a 3500 calorie deficiency each week. This would break down to about 500 calories each day.

Diet and Exercise

To have the daily deficit, a change in diet needs to happen. To lose weight, the amount of calories going in needs to be less than the amount that is burned. Exercise is a great way to create a calorie deficiency because it makes the calorie burning process happen much faster.  Muscle building via exercises light weight training is also a great help because muscle burns calories long after the exercise session has been completed.

Thirty-five hundred calories seems like a large number to burn each week, but don’t let the big number scare you. Just take it slow, and eventually the results of your hard work will start to show.


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