How Many Calories Are in Agave Nectar?

The caloric content of agave nectar differs per serving based on which plant the syrupy liquid comes from. In most cases, this natural sweetener will contain fewer calories per serving when compared to other sugars and sugar substitutes, including honey.

Agave Nectar Nutrition

Most types of agave nectar products have a suggested serving size of 1 tablespoon. In nearly all of these products, 1 tablespoon accounts for around 60 calories, which all come from carbohydrates.

This low-calorie sweetener provides a more powerful and sweeter taste than table sugar. This means that you’ll only need to use smaller amounts of the product in recipes that call for table or brown sugar.

Agave Nectar Information

The sweet taste of the plant-derived liquid comes from naturally occurring fructose and glucose. Different agave plants produce nectar with varying fructose-to-glucose ratios. Most people seek the products with lower fructose levels, largely because the digestive system does not properly break down the natural sugar compound. This can sometimes lead to metabolic problems.

Agave nectar acts much like other sweeteners and sugar substitutes within the human body. However, the low-glycemic load carried by the product can cause your blood-sugar levels to remain stable and free of sudden influx.

Like honey or other natural sugars, consuming large amounts of agave nectar does have the potential to cause adverse health risks.


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