How Lymph Massage Fights Cellulite

The lymphatic system is an under-appreciated body system. In fact, if you ask people what they think a lymph massage does, you’ll probably get blank stares in reply. The lymphatic system works to transport lymph, an important fluid in the body. It removes excess fluid from tissues, moves immune cells, and transports fat and fat cells to the circulatory system. Lymph travels in the body, and it needs body movement to move efficiently. Unfortunately, if you’re not active enough and the conditions are poor, lymph can get trapped underneath the skin. This leads to bloating and cellulite. Lymph massage can reverse this buildup and get you back into the smooth skin you desire.

How Lymph Massage Works

Professional massage therapists believe that lymph massage works because it encourages lymph to move efficiently and consistently within the body. Blockages within the lymphatic system can occur due to poor diet or lack of exercise, and lymph massage may provide the stimulation your lymphatic system needs to return to normal.

Lymph massage is said to draw out interstitial fluid within the body and keep it moving regularly. This fluid can carry toxins that cause fluid buildup or water retention, and getting these toxins out makes it easier for the body to dispose of them. Due to the movement a lymph massage entails, fat and fluid no longer stay trapped underneath the skin. This breaks up cellulite, leading to an improvement in your skin’s appearance and helping your skin return to a smooth state as the fat and water redistribute within the body.

What to Expect at a Lymph Massage Appointment

When you make a lymph massage appointment, be sure that you are going to someone who is trained and experienced in lymph massage. Getting a lymph massage from someone who doesn’t know how to properly do one could have disastrous results. Your massage therapist may ask you to be nude or clothed, depending on your comfort level and the process they follow for their massages.

In most cases, the lymphatic vessels lie close to the surface of the skin. As a result, they don’t need much stimulation to be affected by a massage. The pressure used during a lymph massage is very light and slow, so it can be a very relaxing experience. You should not experience pain, so let your massage practitioner know immediately if the massage hurts. They may need to adjust their technique or see if there is an underlying problem that requires medical help.

Lymph massage is a great tool to use when you’re battling cellulite. When you’re trying to get rid of cellulite, be sure to stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water helps your body flush toxins out, including those that cause cellulite.


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