How Long Should You Stay on the Atkins Diet?

Dr. Robert Atkins, created a popular low carbohydrate diet known as the Atkins diet. The main concept of this diet pertains to his theory, that claims consuming excessive carbohydrates is a main cause for gaining weight. These carbohydrates include flour, sugar and high – fructose corn syrups. When your carbohydrate intake is reduced, and you consume more protein and fat, the body can naturally lose weight more effectively. This process will occur because the body burns both fat and carbohydrates for energy. If carbohydrates are restricted, the body can burn its own stored body fat.

Duration of the Atkins Diet

There are four fundamental phases of the Atkins diet that consists of induction, on going weight loss, pre – maintenance and lifetime maintenance. After you make the transition from one phase to another, towards the last phase, you would have accomplished the goal of reaching your preferred weight loss. In order to retain your weight loss, it is necessary to continue on with this diet for life. If this regimen should be discontinued and you reverted to your standard unhealthy diet, you will regain the weight.

Benefits Of The Atkins Diet

With the Atkins diet, you can lose weight without feeling hungry. Supposed benefits of the Atkins diet include lowering cholesterol, improving memory functions, and other general health conditions. Even though the Atkins diet is debatable by some people, the primary goal of this diet is based on weight loss.


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