How Laughter Therapy Improves Skin Tone

Laughter therapy is an actual medically-recommended therapy to help boost your mood, get your heart pumping and even improve your skin tone. Understanding how laughter can affect your skin tone as well as how much it can improve your skin tone can help you approach the therapy in a realistic, rather than skeptical, manner.

How Laughter Improves Skin Tone

When you laugh, your facial muscles and your abdominal muscles are the primary recipients of the “workout.” Flexing and stretching as you laugh, your facial muscles will get a workout similar to the ones you give the rest of your body when you stretch and exercise. Most people ignore the facial muscles when they work out and stretch, but laughter is a fun, simple way to improve blood flow in the face. Having improved blood flow and movement in the face will add a healthy-looking radiance to the skin in your face, which will improve the tone of your skin.

The Laughter Therapy Session

Giggling for a minute can help but it’s not enough for you to see remarkable improvements in your skin tone. Laughter therapy is best when performed in sessions of at least 10 to 15 minutes – the minimum amount for burning a small number of calories. Of course, that time includes moments to catch your breath. The more laughter sessions you pack into a day, the more beneficial it will be. If you need help encouraging yourself to laugh, make a point of watching a comedic video or movie, listening to an MP3 of a comedian’s performance as you work out or thinking of funny memories. Even forcing yourself to laugh can help you get into the spirit.

Laughter and Sleep

Any beauty expert will tell you that getting a healthy six to eight hours of sleep each night can do wonders for your appearance. Sleeping a full, restive six to eight hours can improve your skin’s clarity over time and decrease puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Engaging in laughter therapy each day has the pleasant side effect of more restive sleep. If you experience difficulty sleeping, laughing for 10- to 15-minute sessions throughout the day can help you sleep, as long as you also cut back on caffeine and sugar and exercise regularly.

Laughter and Exercising

A regular laughter “workout” can also help you improve your skin tone by elevating your mood, increasing your heart rate and making it easier for you to motivate yourself to work out. Exercising regularly, combined with a diet that’s healthy and well-balanced, can also improve your skin tone, as can the lack of stress that both laughter and exercise provide. When considered in this way, laughter can improve your skin indirectly as well as directly.

Combining laughter therapy with any number of diets and healthy living experiences can help improve your skin tone and boost your self-esteem. Just remember that laughter isn’t a cure-all, so be sure to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly if you want the most even-looking skin.


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