How Kundalini Yoga Relieves Stress

Kundalini yoga is a powerful type of yoga that’s quickly gaining recognition as a way to align your physical fitness with your mental strength. An important benefit it offers is short-term and long-term stress relief. If the stresses of everyday life are taking over, you may want to take a look into Kundalini yoga and all it has to offer.

Physical Relief of Stress

The asana (yoga poses) of Kundalini yoga are a great way to improve your balance and slow your body down. When you’re concentrating on breathing slowly and purposefully, it’s hard to also be thinking about whether or not you sent out the bills. Kundalini yoga is also excellent for assisting with the physical side effects of stress.

Stress can cause headaches, migraines, joint and muscle pain or tightness, and back pain. This type of yoga relaxes your mind and deepens your breathing, providing relief from headaches and migraines. The yoga poses used stretch your muscles, allowing them to loosen and get rid of the pain that muscle tightness causes. The emphasis on elongating your spine can strengthen your core and your spine, which alleviates back pain. Since the same types of poses are used on a regular basis, you’ll experience both temporary back pain relief and long-term relief. Ridding yourself of the physical symptoms of stress can help end the vicious cycle of stress. Your stress causes pain, the pain makes your stress worse, and so on. By ending the pain part of the cycle, you can more effectively deal with the mental side of stress relief.

Mental Stress Relief

A big emphasis is placed on slowing down in Kundalini yoga. People spend a lot of time rushing from task to task, and mentally, they’re always three or four steps ahead of themselves. Kundalini yoga teaches that you are a part of the universal life force and it uses mantras and meditation to tap into that. Feeling as if you are part of something larger than yourself is very calming and can make stressful everyday problems seem minor.

Concentrating so much on yourself and your role within the universe can clear your mind of anxieties and worries. This provides a clean slate for better emotional and thought management. Taking a break from your stress to exercise allows you to return to your problems refreshed. Looking at those same problems with a clear mind may open you up to solutions that you previously hadn’t considered.

As you work in your yoga routine to strengthen both the tie between your mind and body and the link between yourself and the universe, you may notice that you feel more capable and confident. This is another way that Kundalini yoga helps stress—if you feel more able to deal with the problems that stress you out, you are more likely to deal with those problems and rid yourself of the source of your stress.


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