How Is Women’s Health And Fitness Unique?

Women’s health and fitness is unique to that of men. There are different health concerns and considerations women must make when it comes to their health and fitness regimens. Whether it is nutrition, weight lifting, or cardio training, women have unique and special needs. Sources like Shape Magazine and Self offer women’s health and fitness information and discuss many of the unique differences in women. Three key areas in which women have unique health and fitness needs are:

Cardio Training

Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the United States, but it can be prevented. A great cardio workout, not only improves the health of your heart, but it can promote weight loss. Maintaining a healthy weight is also a key way to stave off heart disease. Cardio training for women is different than it is for a man, because women don’t transport oxygen to the skeletal muscles as easily.  This means that women must work a little harder at cardio to increase the cardiac output, or the pumping of the blood through the heart.

Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is essential for women because it helps tone the muscles and strengthen the bones. Toned muscles help women not only in terms of appearance, but healthy muscle tone promotes healthy bones and prevents osteoporosis. Men often use weight lifting to build muscle and can typically handle more weight, particularly in their upper body. Women tend to have stronger lower bodies. The point is that you should lift what feels comfortable for you, and you should not try to match a man in the weight lifting department.


Women have unique nutritional needs. For starters, women on average require fewer calories each day.  Women also need to make sure they are getting about 1000 mg of calcium each day to help prevent osteoporosis. Women should make sure they get plenty of vitamin D and that their protein intake is right around 60 grams a day. Excess protein can increase the loss of calcium through the passing of urine, and this could increase the risk of osteoporosis in women.

It is important to remember that men and women aren’t equal when it comes to their health and fitness needs. However, knowing and understanding the differences will help you reach your health and fitness goals.


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